Tiffany Samson

Life is an adventure as well as a journey. After years of dreaming about living in Seattle, I have made the journey westward. Seattle is amazing - friendly people, rock climbing, local farmers, eclectic neighborhoods and more. I'm excited to settle down here.

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The Journey
Granite rock ripping through my palms
as my shoes slip off the mossy ledge.
I have climbed too far to fall again.

The simultaneous labor of body and mind
inches upwards.
My soles smearing along tiny crevices
gain a foothold with what fragments of strength I can muster.

That pang of loneliness, of fear
ever present, broods through my veins.

The mind falls ill to the pleadings of the soul
reminiscing life as glorious on top that other mountain
where sunshine prevails over darkness.

The expanse of time rides along clouds toward the horizon
as the sun teases with light shed beyond the outstretched hand.

An appetite wetting my fingertips, lurches my mind into compulsion.
Each feature of rock harnesses my strength,
muscles aching in unison with the mind.
Absent as the warmth of sun are the hymns of nature’s wrath.

Even the wind unheard, silenced by the drumming of my heart,
bursting in an outpour of heated breath.

Immersed in the intensity of effort, the rock and I - in union.
My sight defers from the grandeur surmountable peak
and fixates on this glorious moment, every rise and fall
where destinations of other times recede from memory
and lay barren in my thoughts.

For the journey I shall embrace.